Honoring life

Escaping the flames of a wandering fire we cling to our passion to rise out of ourselves.. Like the soul after dying we live to be higher than the starlight above, when our heartbeat in time is given away to the lovers around us -We’ll know how to surrender to death, always at hand

I’ll follow the rain to dissolve in the clouds.. I wish to be part of the mystery where the breeze is unknown to the great winds of life, where great is the spirit that reigns through our being, that made us alive, but not yet awake -The truth is at stake now we’ve lost day from night

Time.. do you hear me calling out to you?
Fake is the image you show of yourself
I used to believe that you’re three in your nature
But what’s gone, what’s now and to come is all one
I’ll embrace you and love you -I will, from now on

Death.. do you feel me shaking hands with you?
Fake is the nature you cling to yourself
I never believed that most will end with you
So I’ll breathe and I’ll live and I’ll bring light along
I’ll embrace you and love you -I will, from now on

‘Cause I’m here to be honoring life
Too precious, this life of mine, just to waste in breath alone
Too good, the chance to live my life right here

Yes I’m here to be honoring life
I’m searching within and around for the ways I must find
To gather the traces that Light left behind

I’m here to be honoring life, honoring life


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