Doubting on a coffee or some hot honey-milk / Somehow it comes to my mind / That all we find just ain’t enough for our minds / So full of all we think we need to do / We’re trapped in the game without notion / Even in our homes we cannot settle / As in a battle ever competing who will win and what we lose / And why am I thinking of fallen in love again? / I know I run away from facing being on my own / Though I am not alone -I’ll never be / Yet my heart’s aching for I see that tricky ego / Won’t you let me go? / I want to let you go..

Observing all the people in this evening-warm cafe / I realize this world is full of little islands / Sovereign and blinded in comprimising fate / But I believe it’s not too late to turn the pages, to survive / For sure there is light throughout this darkness / I’ve seen the hope within despair / And despite this wealthy playground / We’ve lost our sense of human sound / O yes, people laugh, people cry, but like / People live, people die, and we don’t give a damn / For all is the same -and everything changes..

O yes I know it / I can feel it in my bones, in my blood, in my heart beat /  And yeah, I see it all around me

Let us come together, let us love one another / Let us forgive and forget and leave our regrets
Far, far behind us / We need to hold on, we need to join hands / Let’s make a stand, for I need you
And yeah we need each other /To watch for our future / We have a legacy to offer

We have to watch for our future / We have a legacy to offer

A legacy.. a legacy..

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