Along and along I travel the winds, diving into a sky full of blue, so tenderly still..  I hold my heart instead of my breath, knowing it’s safe in my hands. And night, with your blessing of  darkness, how I love your strangling peace, the weight of your calmness upon my troubled mind! I want to be free to fly on my own wings, trusting my feather light fall..

Let me be as I need to be who’s evolving within the beat of this life, ever embracing the mystery that died at my birth.. For I’m all and nothing, but more than a glimpse; none, yet full of awareness.. I dissolve in the air, kissing the soil when I rain down in tears -and O, hear me calling! I’m out on my own in the starlight, but where are you? Where are you?

Whirling slow motion is breaking my vision; there’s no recognition in past from tomorrow, and now is my ground.. I’m turning and turning, spin faster and faster, but wherever I go, I move from myself! I wander and wonder where to lay down.. Where is my home?

Have I left myself to find I’ve been taking away in a twist of despair? I search by the hunger to know, to grow to be nearer to You! Yet the further I reach, the more I see the illusion of truth.. How did I get here?

What sense made me break into pieces of self, to model a human out of this earth? Dear Mother, I seek you in holes of my being, hidden but present, enchanting my blood.. Your wisdom I’m lacking, but I can’t be, without it! The woman I see has broken in torment -she’s raging the storms, as a challenge to rest..

Defeating false essence I struggle for wholeness, while love is my guidance..
May the good fight be mine, to endeavor my quest.

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