Funny how only now

No one knows, no one sees this burning heart of mine / So blessed throughout the years that passed / You’ve hold my hand in all those years / Now life goes on and I’ve left my fears behind

It doesn’t matter anymore that I’m no longer yours / It’s ok, you made your choice, at last / You’ll see me smile despite those tears / Now life goes on and you’ll disappear for sure

For I’ve let you go to live your life

Funny how only now you’ve found your love so strong / After everything went wrong before / You’ve never been as close to me as you are now / And life goes on so it can’t be wrong

To hold on to love a little longer

For you’re right here by my side / And I thank the grace that brought you near / To share these arms, this bed, my heart / -We should have been here from the start..

You touch my face and smile to see the many tears of joy / There’s just one thing I’d like to ask you before you go / For life goes on and if I’m not wrong / We just held on to love beyond our story

So will you stay, will you stay / Will you stay / To share this love a little longer

Funny how only now you’ve found your love’s so strong..

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