I knew not ’bout the depths within / Their crave for my recovering / For self deceit had the best of me, now and then / I lived my life quite comfortably / -Though I was aware of honesty /Yet forgot to love myself again just as easily

Then you appeared out of the blue / And I did not know what to do / As truthful words were nothing new, even then / But you made me smile so much that day  / -I wished you’d be around to stay / You made me see a lighter way so tenderly

Now all has changed, has turned around / And I can’t hide what’s on my mind / I never thought that I would find such mess in me / I’ve come to fear your heartfelt words  / -They flatter, but conceal their worth /  As you’re not free to speak to me that openly

I’m not surprised you feel like this -but tell me:  / Why would you still take the risk / You long for what you can’t resist, actually..

You made a vow now long ago / Then why do you say you want me so / You’d chase my heart.. explore my soul..


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