I’m running out of words like a well runs out of water / -How I wished your voice would reach my thirsty heart! / For I wander in a desert since you took your warmth away / You left me nothing but myself, not even love to dress me up

Now I’m hiding in my hurt like the risk within a warning / -How I know you prayed that I would cross the line! / Now it’s you stuck in a prison which you slowly built yourself / While you keep me at a distance which unables me to act

But baby..

Don’t you see it’s us you’re breaking with your choice to cut the line? / You leave me hanging on the wire with no option to unwind.. /And about the trust you’re taking; better tell me what’s it worth / For this is not what I have chosen, and it is not what I deserve

So I’m trying to survive the painful echo of your name / And I’m doubting if I’m able to embrace you once again / Since you took a wrong decision, to make a choice for me / For no man will ever own me, and it’s time for you to see

But if you still whisper your prayers in that church nearby the road / Know that I still burn a candle and try to live up to my oath / ‘Cause I promised I will love you and will stand by you each day / -So I will, just like I did, and like I’m doing, til this day

But God knows how I struggle with myself..  for it’s May.

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