I don’t mind

I’m being swayed by ridiculous daydreams/ By fact and by fiction / By my longing for you..

I’m  losing myself in what my senses register/ Drifting away in what my mind still condemns / -And I wonder what moves you, to show me your feelings / So carefully locked behind your formal appeal..

You’re so dear to my heart!

It’s a dangerous game to look for the edge / To meet on the border of where we should stop.. / But we both seem to ask for a glance of our hearts / For what’s stored on the inside, and what our eyes can’t deny

If I could reach out my hand, for one single touch / I’d take yours in patience, and count all its lines / I’d spread out the fingers, to feel loving strength..

But you’re not to be dreamed of, and I will stay away. 

I promised myself that I’ll keep up appearance / Of the one you don’t know, yet wished to embrace / I did swear an oath not to show you my feelings, not to seduce you in time..

-For I have to admit, if things would be different / I’m sure we’d connect, in so many ways / Yet I have to respect the life you are living, so I won’t show a thing.

But I know you are dreaming about me..

And well; I don’t mind.


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