Allow me entry on your shore, my sister

When the tide will leave me stranded by despair

Stormy weather´s on its way

And I can only pray that I may stand the times to come


I may alter my outer appearance

But you know my very self, and the woman in my heart

Transforming the one who got caught in illusion

-You saw my mirror breaking to pieces


Now I know God granted me that as a gift

To strive for perfection, to love beyond myself

To ever light a candle in the darkness of this night

While honouring my quest


Know you brought me back to life

I, who was drowning in deception

Blinded by the outside world, again

Neglecting the Way I wholeheartedly yearn for


“Myriad ways have one origin

For Love has scattered on the wind..”


Here I am, once more on my knees

And I beg You for forgiveness


Bless you, my sister, for being who you are.



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