No, never have we met before

In the twilight of this world

Yet so much more I know from you

Than could ever be explored,

In the realms of partition..

Yes, I recognised a part of you

Where grace has been revived

And sadness has been washed away

By understanding of the Light,

To level inner diction

You bore your quest with patience

Though you longed to shoot the stars

As you lost your true resilience

In the turmoil of the wars,

Being caught up in sedition

Dear Brother, let me tell you this:

Your all-consuming journey has never been in vain!

Whether good or bad surrounded you

It was you to face the pain,

Of your heartfelt past’s infliction

I’m so thankful now that you’ve arrived

In the shelter of the All

I know that Love will guide you through

And harmonise your soul,

By her gentle apparition

Consider me a witness

Of the man you’ve come to be

For though I’ve never been around you

There’s enough that I can see,

By my own extended vision


One thing I still know for sure

Which my mind can’t push away

Whatever story time will tell

I’ve been waiting for this day,

To uphold my Way’s tradition.



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