Ashiq Brothers

Ashiq_brothers_amsterdam_juni_2009_Last Tuesday, the 9th of June, I visited the 4th floor of the Public Library in Amsterdam, close to its central station.

There, way up high from the busy city life, the Dutch Muslim and Islamic Broadcasting Companies (NMO and NIO) recorded their joint radioshow ‘OBA Live’. Theme of the day: India.

Enthusiastic guests who had something to tell about India featured in the show, and a great deal of people had come to attend it. Our lucky ears were offered the inspiring music of the originally Rajastani Ashiq Brothers. Born and raised in Jaipur, in the north of India, they annually come to The Netherlands to perform among other types of Indian and Pakistani music the devotional qawwali, related to Sufism and its poetry.

If you’re interested to listen to their live studio performance at the NMO/NIO radioshow ‘OBA Live’, see here. Follow the link that says ‘Videofragment muziek met de Ashiq Brothers.’


Acknowledgement: picture made by Usha Marhe.


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