Farewell to our goodbye

I have always loved you.

From the very first moment my eyes met yours I knew we had a story to unravel, as if we once had set out our destiny together, yet threw away the script.
Yes, I knew that there were boundaries that perhaps should not have been crossed in the ways of the world; but my intentions were truthful. I always considered your growth –and the fulfilment of our journey. Whatever was between us: I have given you my best, and the remembrance of what we have shared is a grace to my heart, for which I will ever be thankful.

Never doubt that gentle voice within you, seeking your attention in the mild dusk of day. You know where you have to go; you are aware of your journey. Go; travel, discover, recover your peace of mind, and enlarge your heart’s understanding. You are blessed with a sharp, discerning reason; do not let it work against you.

No strings have ever been attached. This love I feel is free of any expectation; an unconditional sense of support and strengthening joy. So dear you are to me.. it reaches far beyond the illusions of life.

You have always been loved, deeply; and you will be loved. This I wanted you to know. And I hope and do pray that it may mean a lasting light and silent source of inner peace to you.

Bless you, beloved.

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