Dignified dark one

Dignified dark one, dear beloved of my soul,

Such radiant brightness softens your eyes, mirroring mine..


How I long to touch your feet as I lay me down before you

-Tread upon my heart, crush the remnants of my pride!


The beauty of my longing made a shrine out of compassion,

When years and days gone by turned bitter tears to pearls


From a distance still I reach out, and bless your worldly skin

As I shower you with roses, petals dancing on the wind


The yearning for our union inspires my every breath

Since you, like God to me, manifest your aery face..


This heart, so yours to enter, is a diamond in the making,

Our fragrant love of ages the grace by which I’m blessed;


A precious gem restored to the crown of life’s adornment,

Now gratitude’s revealing each facet of my quest

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