Designed to meet once more

Crystal clear and


I saw myself



If ever

My heart will beat yours

Your wit will wire mine


Does it matter?


Our drum attested to the highest,

The brightest of all virtues


You: a kid -or not;

Me: no girly lady..

We’re more than equal

Stared into a mirror of grace

And I’ve never felt more at place

Then split-secondly

Dissolved in love


With every atom

Commanded to Life’s purpose


I was

Exactly where I had to be

Have to be


A witness of the Play

Leela to Layla

Maya to Majnun

Entangled yet untied

United each disparity

Previously conceived of

Perceived as real



We are awake!


May we fight in peace

For we’ve shed our old attire,

Dire straits transformed

By a meaningful encounter

Outer garbs transposed

Disclosed along the way


-Lo! This is a secret journey..


We joined hands,


Drunk from a well

Ever so fresh

That Reason surpassed

The limits of our thinking


We kissed;

Brows aglow, intoxicated

Just as much by divinity

As by the state of affairs,


The how,



And when

Of daily dealings


My friend




Twin-like brother

Devilish opponent

And truthful playmate in despair


(I) Fear not

The depth of this connection

Its cheerful superficialities

And brilliant opportunities

Surfacing as well

For I do dare to say

You’ve moved me beyond borders

Discovered trails untrodden

Longed to be tread

Ages ago


God knows how I treasure,

Cherish and admire

Your beautiful soul,

So wild

-and free


Kindred are we..


And I let it be

For you’ve found me

Where I was waiting


A lifelong desire


We read the signs,


To meet once more.



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