I am –
Poised between the past and present
Don’t care for what the future brings
I hold you close
I feel you near
So very far away

Bridging time, unwinding space
Somehow we are meant to be
Reaching out
Breathing in
An ubiquitous connection

Do see beyond these worldly cares
The lives I‘ve lived, the eyes
Who glanced at me
Before we met

Holy, precious
The essence of this love

But worldly, careless
The surface of our nature

Still raw, crude
Like a gem still hidden in a stone
Waiting to be unearthened

You undress my soul from inside out
But I take you in regardless of my being
Surrender my all
Without hesitation
Salient trust
Washing over you

Tear me apart as we re-member our purpose
Joining a rhythm as ancient as time
I sing while truth rings
Devastatingly loud
Ever so still
Unheard of
Yet always known

This is not about us
We’re merely in tune

Instrumental affairs

1 thought on “Poised

  1. lulupoetrycorner 11 Nov 2013 — 05:18


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