Starry, starry night

He drew his sword, detached already
One kiss away
From the universe they shared
Only moments ago

Shallow breathing marked his space
Determined the pace
By which he flung himself
Back into his own solitary orbit

Starry, starry night..

Darling you,
Beloved playmate
Hot-blooded young man
Yet to come off age

You will run even further from me,
Hide away in indifference
Trample upon whatever beauty
Dares to surface in your life

I know,
I understand
It’s not an easy life you live
-It’s all tangled up
But you know what?
It’s alright..
You’ll be just fine
It’s all part of the game

I struggle with myself
And wonder in amazement
For you left me
With the remnants of
A sumptuous desire
Painfully precious
Hideously strong

And I do not comprehend
Why or for what reason
You had to pop up in my life
Have to mark my words

Yes, I know that you’ve moved on
Will rest your soul in the arms of any other
Who can offer you forgetfulness
Will allow you to unwind your weary ghosts

You won’t ever hold your horses
But saddle up before the dawn
Always on the move
Twilight watching over you

Don’t be afraid, my love
Just run, run, run..!

For “all will perish save His face”
Mirroring your deepest fear
That you won’t be able to surrender
Or yield to life, at all

But let me tell you this:
One day you’ll wake up
With the light of the Truth
Beaming brightly

And you’ll remember me
Then you’ll realise
You were always One,
Instead of many;



1 thought on “Starry, starry night

  1. lulupoetrycorner 11 Nov 2013 — 05:16

    Beautifully written:)

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