Future Paradigm

A song written to Ludovico Einaudi’s “Rêverie” from his beautiful instrumental album ‘Nightbook’.

So here I go again
I doubt to board the plane
That will bring me where you are –
To a future paradigm

For face to face we’d be
Where the Danube meets
Sun-kissed city shores
Past crowded shopping streets

God knows where this is heading
Lost sense of us, if we belong
I´d come to celebrate our union
And to hold on..

Now I can’t see what we are shaping
I just pray that we’ll stand tall –
I thought whatever we’d encounter
Would help us rise if we would fall

I wonder if there’s ‘ever after’
If you want me by your side
For to the world I’m any other
But undercover,
Your virtual bride

-I was your queen of the night..

I want to thank you for what you have come to mean to me
And I want to do justice to the blessing your presence bestowed upon me

Is this our last dance?
Should we leave it like this?

You were my beacon of light, added fuel to the fire
We reached higher and higher
Till there was nothing left of us
But dust
Or lust?

Our love?

So here I go again
l doubt to board the plane
That would bring me where you are
To a future paradigm..

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