Bang Thy Drum

It’s where I am today, to stay a while, I guess;
Poised somehow at that intersection
Of waking, watching, dreaming, playing
The game and/or the real deal,
Plunging into it with all of me, still,
Even more so now we met in real time-
No strangers altogether, rather,
The resonant disguise of a match long made in heaven
Beyond our comprehension

But remember, there’s a task at hand!

Though it is anchored in all honesty,
A lie crept up in an alley of our dreams, somehow
Blinding the light that shone so brightly from the onset
A tear-filled cloud shrouding the horizon, till it passed..
Why did You do that? What was it for? To remember my past?
I ain’t no mirage, my dearest; neither are you: this will last,
As we are awake, breathe loving life into these veins!
And this light vibrates at the highest pace,
Faced as we are with(in) the flesh as well

By God, let wisdom be our guide, the mizrab
To our attunement, the source of this delight,
The graceful strength, this desire of desires
Other than atonement!
For what are we to be ashamed of?
‘You can’t go against your nature,’ you said,
Whereas I intend no harm, ever;
Sanctified the art which brings us closer,
We merely seek to serve our Lord

So, let us cast these views and behold our true attire
In plain sight, rather than the dark of night,
The light of day prevailing over moments stolen, still-
Protect what’s so dear to your heart and the one
Who’s been supporting you so well; your honour befalls her,
My love, always – whereas I merely rise in the dust whirling at His feet,
Aware of my place, the lessons yet to learn, yearning to grow
By treading roads untrodden, begging me to BE
the One in whose image I was made, to serve

For ‘I am Yours and mine, the One in duality’…

Aya says: Bang Thy drum, Beloved, and make me sound again and again,
Deeper, louder, faster – till You break me up like the agony of ages,
Will restore me to pieces once more, pierced as I am,
My veils bygone, by loving the hell out of my world, for so long,
But home at last, in the heart of the One whom I truly belong to.

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