Did you know that life is not a mystery? Did you know before you recognized it?

Let me tell you this, my loving heart; life seems a mystery,  but how come? Can you say you know yourself? Can you explain your inner voice? Even your feelings; what are they telling you?

Well, loving heart, your life will be a mystery, as long as you don’t want to understand it.

Life is the path you are walking upon. It’s not just a path; you have to walk the right way – walk your own way! Know, that with every step you take, your footsteps will last on your way through life: you will always be confronted with yourself, unless you accept the way you’ve walked. Even when it was the wrong direction! For life is too great to feel guilty.

Just make sure you will  lead yourself the way you ought to go; the way that learns you how to handle, how to love, how to help, how to live..

Be thankful for your choice to live! It has been the greatest gift you could give yourself.


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