Is it true

Is it true that we choose what we do in this life / What we fight in the light of the truth? / Is it right that we hide in the lies of our youth / Without proof or a clue when we die?

Is it bad that we’re sad when we’re losing ourselves / In the shame of a game without love? / Should we blame those who came in the trust of our beds / In the depths of what’s left of our hearts?

Well, I know I will grow by the flow of my tears / And the fears through the years that I got.. / It appears when I’m near to break down on a poise / That the choice to rejoice is all mine

It begins deep within when I’m spinning around / To the sound that resounds in my soul / For it haunts and rebounds what I found deep in awe / While my all seemed a wall crumbling down;

Words never hunted me more than today / Now my ways have been swayed and dispersed / But I’ll stay here to deal with the weight of its curse / To learn to return to my core

For there is the fair place where I’m still alive / And always revived in my faith / I’ll dive through the lives I’ve been living before / To explore and restore what I’ve lost

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