You are merely another man

You are merely another man to mirror my quest / Whereas I found myself lost in illusions, again..

How conflicting to be aware of the truth, though!

Is it your sincere curiosity, or the look in your eyes, / That still distracts me from my direction? / Is it the longing to be seen by you, / That makes me wonder about your heart?

I sense my own yearning to be experienced by you, / To color the pieces of self I collected / But why do I wander like this? / Is this what I have set myself up to in this life?

My love knows no restrictions, like it might ought to have / -But i do see the confusion inside me..

I’m swayed in between innocent maturity and forsaken morals -for yes, I’ve been there, and done that, / But I never cease to register the play within / -And I don’t want to be the actress of my ego!

Can I grow out of her?

Let me be as I need to be who’s evolving within the beat of this life..

You are merely another man to mirror my quest; / Still, I wish to know you.

What scares me the most:

Is this a selfish desire?

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