I know that I’m not all alone, though the distance makes me feel that way, sometimes.. In our hearts, in our souls, we are melted together in love. But still I feel a pain deep inside me; it’s the knowledge of acceptation that hurts me for some reason, when I feel light in our endlessly shining power -although you seem so far away..

Forgive me in Your brightness, for my only sadness that doesn’t have to be that way! You aren’t far away; I have to learn. Forgive me in Your love..

Letting go is what I have to do.. Only then I will be free and all things will come back to me -but I’m just afraid to walk alone! Forgive me for my deepest fear.. It’s the blindness of my whirling sight that I’m afraid of. I should know You will always stand by me -and I do!

My worries are making me uncertain. Please, be patient when I struggle; I’m searching for my trust! The love and light will never leave my spirit, but I feel locked up in this world; ’cause I miss You. Please, give me the strength to go on.. I’m making it too hard for myself to believe clearly.

Learn me by your being to truly feel with my heart; to see with my eyes; and to think with my soul.

Forgive me for my doubts in your wisdom, comfort me when I did wrong.. But let me feel the way to see, and see the way to feel, to keep me following the way I should follow.

I’m asking You this in our divine embrace.. of love.


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