Beyond the night

Beyond the night, beyond what’s right, beyond the darker shades of blue / Beyond the light, beyond the fight, beyond all you’ll have to do / I’m holding on to you like you’re holding on to me

Beyond the day, beyond your way, beyond the scars my fingers trace/ Beyond today, beyond our pray, beyond all you have to face / I hide in your embrace like you lose yourself in mine

You made me trust upon your strength to be all that I can / And now the years have closed us in / Once again we’ve come to see where we belong / Right in the heart that we treasure

So take my hands reaching out for you / For more than words could explain the truth, let them wipe your tears away / Let them wash your fears away..

Life has proven us that faith never made us wait, but ever moved us forward / Now we’ve changed the hands of time in two weeks without a sign that could stop us / Now we finally started to love again

For once you were my first.. / Now I wish you’ll be my last

My one and only


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