Dark is the face

Dark is the face that haunts my sight / With eyes that fix my sense of self.. / Got no escape to trade my innocence / For what was given long ago / When hearts found love, and love found years /  No thought of regret has envied my thankfulness ever since

You’re mirrored in the welcome sun / Warming my all with your radiance.. / Still I know the illusion that’s hidden / Within our reflection in time / When I found you, and you found me / Our story, unfinished, is waiting to be told / In the tales of the stars

We’re burning up in the beat of our blood / Ever connected within the reach of our dreams / While moments of passion leave marks of confession / On our shivering skin / Eye to eye, and word to word / We speak through the ages of a distance long gone

No chance of denial.. / Truth made her arrival

And the witness of night has seen us as one.

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