Welcome back..

Why do I want to publish what moves me on the internet? Foremost, I just enjoy to share my lyrics with the people who are sincerely interested to read them. For only those will find themselves reading these words.. You might be a close friend, or a far stranger: be my guest, and know you are welcome here.

(‘aaya’) is an Arabic word which has different meanings: first of all, it refers to a Koranic verse, or, in general, a passage in a book. Secondly, it means symbol, signal, miracle, wonder or example.  Whereas I used the Egyptian Arabic word durra, in the meaning of pearl, for my former weblog to refer to the natural process in which a pearl is created, now I also wanted to add the word aya.

We all change, grow, and develop by time.  Lately I see and sense the blessed moments of unexpected ‘divine’ interference in my life with more and more awareness: and I am wholeheartedly thankful for this.

May it teach me to never stop trying to become a more ‘human’ being; to ever hope to walk my way in this life with love and respect towards others and our planet; and to use my talents and gifts for the whole, for the better.


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1 thought on “Welcome back..

  1. Beautifull words^_^
    Heel diep echt prachtig ik heb er geen andere woorden voor.

    Ik ben al een tijdje gefacineerd geraakt door de Arabische taal en vind het 1 van de talen met de mooiste geschiedenissen, verhalen.

    Mijn complimenten aan je weblog.

    xXx Corin

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