What’s this nature of her being
Which unfolds alike the night
She seems a virgin in her stature
Yet she’s yielding all her pride

I wish to open up my fences
To see her follow ’round her chart
I’ll simply lower my defences
Allow her entry in my heart

She’s like a knight in shining armour
Since she courts the queen in me
Makes me need her like a harbour
Now I drift along her sea

Is she the mistress of my longing
For the man I yearn to meet?
I find her rising from my ashes
From the one I used to be

And oh, if I only could surrender
To the secrets that she hides!
She’d make me gather all my senses
She’d adorn me with her sight..

She’s the Goddess in my darkness
She’s the Light by which I see
May she guide me in her footsteps
To the woman I will be

She’s the Greatness that I’m after
She’s the Ground beneath my feet
May she grant me the endurance
To create her like in me

She’s the image of the Mother
Wise and merciful and sweet
Yet as rageful as the thunder
When I stray from where she leads

She’s the Twofold that will break me
Make me scatter in defeat
But I will dress in her endearment
For she’ll give me what I need

May her blessing be abundant
When I’m ready to believe
That I’ve found the One within me
Long reflected there indeed

For I’ll have learned to love myself.



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