As your bride

Dress me up / with what you’re made of / Share me in the best you got / But be prepared to see me crumble / lose myself in what I’m not / but used to be..

I’ve build my castle ’round the ashes / of the fire raging in my soul / I’ve seen the madman trying to enter / where I couldn’t let him go / But I welcomed any other / for the pain they could relieve / Yet you’re closer than my brother / closer than I could believe / you’d ever be..

Yet the world that you resemble / haunts my memory at night / Keeps me staring in the future / while I wonder what you’re like / Still I know that you can read me / and how I treasure you within / Though we’ve never met in private / for I’m scared to let you in / to this heart, so yours already..

How I wished that I could tell you / what to know you means to me / How I wished that I could show you / what your presence made me see / I can’t believe that life has brought me / what I want and what I need / And whatever just might happen / I will try to let it be / For one day you’ll be my lover / and I’ll care for what you need / if you’ll accept me as the other / half of what you want to be..

As your bride



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