The light within

I may not be what others see in me; I may not act like how I should, according to others. Do know that grace guides me, that love leads me; even when I stray from the path I chose to walk upon.

In my doubts, in my darkers hours, I am still aware of what I am made of. And yes; to be out of balance allows me to find it once again, be it with a new horizon, or other grounds..

How I search for what my journey implies! Yet I know its traces deep within me.. With thankfulness I face the storms coming over my life, for truly; through them I learn to fly.

Our duality of kind shows me mere unity of being; fulfilment we seek by gathering what we lack. We endeavor wholeness since we are scattered inside us. But to realise the purpose of being brings me to my knees..

For the greatness of life is overwhelming my heart.

May I remember to share of all I have been given; may I remember to love beyond myself. God, make me a vessel of Your goodness.

May I bring light along my way; may it be the way You have chosen for me. And may I be worthy of my task.


It’s Your light within me that shines as my beacon.




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