Chasing the eye of the storm with a smile.. For a while we believed we could make it / But no one foresees that beauty releases her anger and fright / –It’s not right that you hide what upsets you

So we’re dancing along in the streets every night, like a fight that evolves without danger / But do you know how I love you / Without saying a word about patience?

We’re all just flesh and bones; what inspires is the soul / So make me whole as I will… you… breathe me in

-And out..

Catch the wind in the palm of your hand; we’ll run away when we can / And then we’ll surrender… to… this light within

And oh you beloved one, hold my heart in your hands / There are no demands to make / For we’ll break into pieces, one day / We’ll scatter and sway, like the rivers flow


Like the rivers flow, we’ll scatter and sway, one day / For we’ll break into pieces

To grow..






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