How near you seem to be, being as far away as you are! You’re in my thoughts all through the day, caressing me with even the slightest remembrance of what we have shared -a breath breathed with passion.. Can you believe I feel your skin to mine, the strength of your embrace, the yearning of your soul -as if you’re here with me?

For you made me a home in your heart, quietly showing you care.

This intimacy between us, this precious bond of trust, it fills me with joy and thankfulness; it makes me overflow. This is our connection. For no; perhaps we are not destined to live side by side; but do know you have blessed my life. May love set you free, so you may arise from your ashes, and discover your true self. God knows how I love you; and how I will.

You certainly honor me with your affection. To know you have allowed me entry deep within, is even more than I have hoped for. Wherever you may go, and whatever distance there may be between us; this love in my heart has guided me to you. It made me open up to you and express myself. And I have come to respect the one living inside you more and more.

I will pray for you to find your love for life, so that it might fill your life with love. If your heart has been broken, may you be touched by grace, so that the faith in the ways through which God speaks to your very heart and soul may be rekindled within you. I will hold you ever so dear.. For yes, you are loved; and you ever will be.

I do not regret a single thing. If this means goodbye, since we cannot remain in contact the way we were, know then that every part of the struggle inside me, condemning and freeing at the same time, brought me closer to you. You have deeply moved me, and you are not even aware of it. Be well; be great. Become who you are; ever cherished, ever remembered.

Now, may God be with you, and guide your steps. And if ever you might need me, reach out, to find me already waiting. But you will have to forgive yourself, for turning away from what used to inspire you. Only you know the key to your deeper understanding, and a more aware experience of this life. I do believe you know what you need.

In my view, there is no need to feel ashamed of yourself. But if you are, know that honesty will lessen the burden you feel within. Face yourself; face your disappointments, your shattered dreams. But do witness your successes, and what brings you joy, as well. You are blessed in many ways. Turn to God; and give thanks, for all you have been through.

For it brought you where you are at: right here, right now.

And again: if this means goodbye, let it be goodbye, til we meet again. Or not. For all is written, and all is known. It’s up to man to discover the traces of his own path, when light is being shed on who we really are. May you find yourself awakened, your eyes opened, and your soul relieved by what you have encountered. Know I wish you well.


In dedication to you, the man I have come to hold so dear, I will withdraw from the nearness of you, and from what I have come to embrace: knowing you care. I will let go of what I long for, since you are not for me. But to step aside does not mean to forget; nor does it mean to deny. It means to move on –with you in my heart, and your name on my lips.

For I have made you a home in my heart, quietly showing I care…

And so I will; if you allow me.


May God bless you in your journey through life. May God watch over you. And may your life be filled by joy, by love, and inspiration.




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