One cannot deny the flow of one’s emotions / Sincere and true, though drowning as a flood / Being surrounded by beauty it leads one to wonder / How to distinguish between their bad and their good

-I’ve grown so tired, so abhorred of talking about religion! / Go on: if you please, speak, and divide the people.. / No, what this world needs is patient mercy and salient insight /  For how can we be brothers and sisters if we continue to fight?

And now this peaceful blue sky reminds me of grace / Of stilness and calm, in contemplation of love / And oh, of final understanding.. / How I want to shed my skin, to grow out of myself! / But the friction of change announces yet another level

I drink from a cup so generously filled by intoxicating passion / But I’m aware that this path is my own, though chosen by You / And since I pray to be worthy, I ask You for guidance / Confused as I am from where I’m to go

I just want to draw closer to You



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