Let me

These words.. From the start / they’re scratching my soul / they tear me apart til I lose control / while your eyes speak of torment, and pain not relieved / by the fire within you, consuming indeed..

-Oh, this heaving is aching, my mind yet awake / it senses the breaking of friendship at stake / -so let me go!

You’re hiding within me, as sweet as can be / but you’re haunting my memory, as far as I see.. / I’m yearning in longing; I’m crying out loud / -Deliver my grieving, accept what you found! / But you push me away..

You’re keeping at bay all those dreams of your past / locked in a prison you’ve build up to last / Now stuck in a life which you wear as your own / you’re choking in garment just fitting your goal, but killing your spirit / so subtle you know that you won’t see it happen -til it’s claiming your all / Don’t pull me down, too..

If truly you love me, set free what you feel / -Ever returning to where you can heal / and grow from the struggle, now lost in deceit / but once may be lifting you up in relief / When you’ll finally conquer what keeps you in fright / and clasped in the backlash of every lie

Remember your promise; protect what is dear! / So don’t be that careless to offer your fear / To the hunger of others, just longing to tramp / on the beauty between us, the love in our hands / -Wake up!

The greater the distance, the closer the fact / that you should choose for the better, to respect what you have / as long as it brings you the comfort you need / and springs from the reason that shows where you bleed / For you’re hurt..

Now, near as you are, I wish you the best / Proof to be better, aim for your quest! / For I cannot help you as long as you fight / Better tend to a truce, to appear in the light / for whatever you try to forget and conceal / one day it strikes back to disclose what is real / -Then, would you stand?

As much as I love you, as much I’m afraid / to cause you to suffer, now that it’s too late; / no chance to deny what you’ve come to mean / though I’m up to try to let go of this dream


Please.. let me



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