Never wasted, this love I offer you...

Though never known just as long as you’re asleep


Should I consider you my weakness?

Then I have failed to see your worth

Whatever man may tell me; you are the force regaining strength

Since you awakened joy within me to be lost within this Self


For somehow you bring me to my knees..


But no, not because of hunger, though I long for you indeed;

Not because of thunder, though your lightning strikes my feet

It’s as if you have rekindled the roots on which I stand;

As if my devils have been frightened since your touch upon my hand


For you remind me of my journey


Long, the road, which I long to walk about;

Strong, though, the passion running stout

As an ever flowing river through the abyss of my heart

Whereupon I will be floating till the day of my depart


-For it’s love of the Divine which inspires my every act


Now unfolding in its splendour is the tulip in my eyes

Almost crying out in virtue; she’s not veiled within disguise

And as red her shining beauty now reflects within my mind

As effective knows my heart that it has finally come alive


-May it burn for all Your glory.



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