Wake up!

It’s not me who faced the pain, and it’s not me who faced the danger. Yet my heart is heaving here, so aware of what’s awaiting us… How can it be we’ve never made it to restore and deeply root the love within us, except the few who loved and love beyond compare?
Where’s the everlasting light to guide our inner lives into the right direction? Within me I can see the grace bestowed on me; but why is it the masses are so blind of what is needed to wake up from those illusions, to wake up from evil dreams?

The tears well up as soon as I am thinking of our future -for no one seems to feel what we’re heading at right now! It’s a massacre of righteousness and a slaughter of humanity -does no one see it will take the best of all? Where’s forgiveness to inspire us? Where’s the mercy in our souls? What are we, if we can’t even live in peace? What have we become?

What is written will just happen, though I know it’s in our hands: we can alter our destiny, if we would only change our fate! For the struggle over power and the struggle over wealth won’t deliver us: it will lead us in to worldwide war without a reason. I don’t want to lose my sanity, and I don’t want to lose my mind, but all I see is crazy people who live their lives while their inner fire is extinguished. They seem not even alive anymore! Man wanted robots? These societies have already created them.

Shame on us, for yes, we have sinned! When did we stop to honour life, to honour love? No matter your creed, no matter your background: wake up! Look inside you: where is the love for mankind? Where is the respect for our multiplicity of kind? Where is the joy to celebrate our existence? When did we stop to take ultimately care of those around us? When did we stop to look at this wonderful world, so amazingly generous to us? When did we lose our thankfulness for what we have been granted? When did we stop sharing?

Wake up!

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