Bickram Ghosh

The 31st of July 2012 I was lucky enough to attend two very inspiring performances at the Gandhi Centre, The Hague, The Netherlands, as organised by Her Excellency Ambassador Bhaswati Mukherjee:  “Legacy of Rhythm”, featuring the acknowledged Indian musicians Pandit Shankar Ghosh and his son Bickram Ghosh on tabla, Ilyas Khan on sarangi, and  “Melting Pot”, featuring Bickram Ghosh on tabla, jazz musician Matthias Müller on guitar, and the talented Arun Kumar on drums.


“Legacy of Rhythm”

Last night I witnessed Grace, attuned to pace, unfolding
A radiant face of bonding –the mutual respect
Of a father and a son, to mastership reborn
Interplaying passion to the sarangi’s winding stream
Dedicating heart beats to their tablas’ sound, supreme.

Such vigour at display, such brilliant, skilful language!
Never have I noticed musicianship like this
Communicating age old yet timeless rhythmic patterns
In whispers of a breeze, and raging thunder storms alike
Melodies meandering, overflowing with delight..

The audience? Exalted, enticed by masters’ strike.

“Melting Pot”

Who could have guessed, that evening, that sound would change her dress
Transforming into fusion while previously pressed
In an admiring classic outfit, then suddenly expressed
By loose, explicit garments, fiery but profound
The audience’s ears both astounded and refreshed.

Oh! What inspiring joy to attend this spicy venture
Inviting one to stretch and leave one’s comfort zone
As Matthias’s guitar sang hauntingly of kindness
Electric pulse ignited from Bickram’s tapped chest
Accompanied in virtue by Arun’s grounding test..

Lord Shiva danced to fireworks? Our souls rejoiced at best!





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