Today is red, and ever will be
Embedded in grace
Like the space that we embody
For a radiant black
Bride of the night I have become; and
Nearly full moon I mirrored you, sun
Made ages undone
By my waxing and waning

We: souls aflame

No illusion of kind
But minds over matter
Vanquishing dreams
In spirit of old

Afloat it’s we drift, abiding in bliss
Dissolved in this peace
Each particle stringed –
Kernels to core

I taste you within
Drunk from the well
Bidding the budding
Of this rosary wedding

All is pulsating, transforming, transpiring
Unleashing, desiring,
To love


All-encompassing nothingness

Aware of the light
Inner being awakens
Gathers the senses,
Adorns Me with sight
Discovers You here
Nearer again, and
Again, and

These jugular veins..

Vibrancy reigns

The croak of a crow
Brings me back on my feet
Cloaks me full-colour
Divine in my finity

The longing remains
To shed worldly skin
Now the fire within
Has burned up to embers

Glowing, reflecting –
Past ‘I’ now is gone
Set free by the breeze
This breath of life

“Where have you been?”

On a journey within

“Do not hide your face, do not hide you face from me, when I feel sad.”

I’m no longer here

I’m everywhere

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