(Love will) Deliver us

A tribute to MasterPeace’s global campaign against war: #WeWantPeace. An experimental phone recording of lyrics I wrote to the beautiful instrumental music of Ludovico Einaudi’s “Nightbook” from his album ‘Nightbook’.

We’re right where we’re supposed to be
Doing what we need to do, every night
We’ve shed our skin, we’re breathing in with our Guide
We’re moving on, growing strong in the light

We’ve been crossing borders whilst setting hills aside
Of our youthful aspirations overgrown with lullabies
We’re working on ourselves to transcend our pride
Transforming whatever mistake our past defied

We’re mindful of our journey, awakened what transpired
For through it all we still endeavour the ‘good fight’
But I’ve come to see that turtles fly
And that hearts break all the time
Now each time I think that I belong
Everything seems to be made undone

Only love can deliver us – and I know love will deliver us

Unicorns on toddlers’ swings
Are reaching out now truth rings
And Glass tinkles as my daughter sings her song
But fragile hands are still mine-picking,
Children’s eyes are blood-dripping
And all along war rages on

And the grass seemed ever greener on the other side –
But the mess is never cleaner on the other side,
And now the stress is ever greater on that other side, tonight

When will we go from here?
When will we wake up?
And when, when, when will it stop?

Only love can deliver us – and love will deliver us
Only love can deliver us – and love will deliver us

I call upon all angels – I call upon the light, tonight
I call upon all angels – I call upon the light

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