So he grabbed a handful – held right on, and squeezed
The heavens out of them with all his might
Praying their zest would revive his senses,
Wake him from the slumber and hit his heart for once
Rather then the rock bottom of one too many fears

As real as this seems – plunge into the fire, burn yourself
By the depth of the dream, far from doubtful illusions
Exploding to pieces of silky-white pearls
Scattered all over me – rather, fill me up with what’s left
Of the more and the merrier you, running to and fro
What scares the hell out of you

So run down your fingers instead from ear lobe to chin,
From neck to nipple, quivering pink, and release my desire
With the tip of your tongue, to quench your thirst prior
To unleashing my strength with every heart beat
Slapping your skin; an unequalled confrontation in time

Face my waist, feel the heat raging in veins nearer to you
Than daylight could guess, revealed to your drum
In the blink of an eye – but leave your assumptions
At the door of the past, and step into the naked truth
Of miles between my breath to yours, no matter the touch
Felt in real time

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