Ring, revisited

Yes, there was this resonance already, somehow


Whatever awaited creation, but
Seemed hidden from above

It remained below the surface, so far
Like any other ubiquitous connection

Then there was the warm sensation of belonging to itself,
Of being cradled in affection, nurtured in knowledge

Blissful detachment reflected within,
Shone softly upon the present

I rubbed it, caressed it gently
As it oxidized upon my skin
Evaporating past
Radiating presence

I´m here

This ring –
A treasure in itself, inducing appreciation
Prior to meeting you in the first place
For now I know I’m not mistaken

You are there

Tears stream down my face
While the new moon beams benignly,
Sheds light on the darkness of the womb
In which my rebirth is at hand

Beloved – mistake not my being in the world
For being of it

The bond of love between us will ever remain
Regardless of whom I’m with and what I’d share with others

This ring –
A token of openness, source of strength
Blessed by your caress as well as mine
Carrying our hopes, dreams and devastation

We are t/here

Please trespass the bitterness
For Zaarth is where the heart is
Where angels of all ages
Ever recite an ancient adage

The strange wild fruits
Of thorny brambles
Taste sweeter every day

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