Kneeling at Your feet

This beautiful night sky enfolds me; and I feel held like a child. The cold, clean air freezes my skin, but the love I sense sets my soul on fire..

How can I thank You for leading me through the abyss of my sight? For You’ve made me overcome once again.


Whether I understand Your ways or not, I’m endlessly grateful for whatever I must go through to come closer to my core -still, I ask You for Your patience.


It nearly breaks me, taking this challenge; though the bond between our hearts grows stronger as well.

God knows I’m unable to restrain my yearning -but it tears my all to pieces! It’s not even letting go; it’s arising from my ashes.. For I’m burned alive in this all-consuming passion.


And rekindled is the grace within with every breath I take, while Your light keeps shining through.. May Your mercy touch my heart, and cleanse me from the stains; for I choose to drop the veil.


.-Will you take me as I am?


Here I’m kneeling at Your feet..



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