Time will pass us by, change the course of what we know / Seas will rise and storms will thunder / The earth will shake and mountains crumble / But here you’ll be, inside of me / Reminding me of all the ways in which I need to grow

I hardly understand the reason we’re entwined / How much you seem a part of me / Opposing strength, so I can see / What lies beyond this life / It offers me the chance to rise above my kind

Last night a freezing mist had crystalized my tears / Now the cheerful sunlight feels warm upon my face

I sense so many contradictions, both embodied in my grief / As well as in belief / That you’re who I conceive as the riddle of my lifetime

No,  I cannot comprehend how I should ever mend / These fragments of my heart / – But were they ever broken, or just scattered in defeat?

Perhaps my sole relief is born from understanding..

So long, I’ll let it be;


A secret sealed / By what I’m not pretending



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