Am I finally found / conceived of in your soul?

Or am I lost once more / on the vast shore of my longing?


Tomorrow I will start anew / unfold a different me

For I’m leaving where I’m at -right now


I so wished to be known that I gave myself away

Unable to withdrawn from the grace between our fences

But it’s tearing me to pieces to be down upon my knees


How I needed to be stronger, to withstand your open arms!

It’s not your fault that I gave in; I should thank you for your shelter

And the many, many nights you enabled me to write


I will have to break away from this devastating pattern

And guard the fading lines that used to mark my borders;

This physical attachment alienates my truth


I want to face this world on my own two stable feet

And walk my way through life, without fearing what’s behind me

-I never meant to torn remaining fragments of your heart..


I’d merely hoped to see you rest  / in the warmth of who I was

And heal your broken heart / beyond it’s plain deceit



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