Worthy of Your Way

Do speak to me of heaven send, the love within that never ends / The light that encompasses all of me / Do I deserve all that I feel –the gratitude that now reveals / My journey that will never be in vain.. / I may as well start now, today, to live my life in joyful play / In harmony with what my soul believes


Greater than life, greater than love.. / God, would you help me to rise above the limits of  my fear / Crumbled like ashes to the hearth of my existence / Shattered like dreams of a self, no longer worthy of my pride / Broken to pieces, burned to Your glory / Would You take me in Your arms and sooth this troubled heart!


Holy Spirit cleanse me from the stain of what I’ve taken from the light / Yet never dared to share with those in need of sharing / Mould me like a newborn child, innocent and pure, / Unaware of any sin; ever true to Your command / And re-create this life of mine, to testify to all who see / Your blessed holy will


May I be worthy of Your Way.



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