Come in

Come right in, just come on over
Make yourself at home at heart
-You, at first familiar, stranger,
Since you´ve passed the inner threshold
With the beloved echo of your art

Something yearns to bring you honour
To pay you homage from the start
May these words convey their pardon,
Wrapped around your wrist like rakhi
Since you’ve come too close to part

How should I explain this feeling
That, which I so far perceived
-A guiding light of heartfelt power,
A magnetic pulse of whirling space
You reached beyond what time achieved

You moved my soul in silent hours
To shores of peace I longed to thread
Tuning in to ancient ragas,
The dust of ages washed away
By loving waves of sound so blessed

Allow this humble heart to thank you,
Mystic minstrel, Indian bard
For sending out your soul to service
-May your deepest wish be granted;
To live your life in Grace’s reward.


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