Deep, dark, sensuous warmth

Deep, dark, sensuous warmth. Wholeness. A vast space of stillness in which everything is alive. I feel your drum, the rhythm of your heart beat, as if it is your blood that’s flooding through my veins.

Where have you been, Beloved?

You wake me from my slumber, pulling me closer by the sense of your existence.  Slowly I’m drawn nearer to answers deep within, where veils of dissolution shroud the enigma of our past.

Who are you to come to me this way?
Who am I to touch upon your light?

I can’t help but remember a bond between two lovers, eradicating ages of lives lived without care. The image of your nature is as if imprinted on my conscience, telling me to reach out to share what I observe.

Blessed is the one who lives to serve his heart!

Nay, I could not foresee that this day would come so quickly, yet never in this life did I doubt that it would come.. May what I tell you now become dissolved upon reunion, reassuring gladly that time is on your side.

Not yours, but mine, was the choice to seek seclusion, abstaining from the pleasure relationship would bring. The untold truth of (s)ages had clothed me in illusion, leading me to wander and travel out of reach. I had to come to terms with the burden of belief.

Your resonating sound sends shivers down my spine, undressing all around me as chiselled by a thief –no happier was I than enrapt by this mischief, divine and awe-inspiring.

‘Who are you to steal my heart?’, I ask you, ‘Who are you to steal my heart?’

Tell me, who are you to steal my heart?

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