Blue bell

You send me songs
What should I think of those?
You´re my one and only thrill
And there´s No one in the world more perfect for me
But it’s true, I´m ever kissing you
Holding on to the beauty that remains
So I Burn, in the Depth of my soul
Wondering why you want to Stay with me
As I´m no Woman of the ghetto
But a thousand and one charms,
Chasing ghosts from the future
Whilst making up for the past
With every lover that I leave
Eavesdropping on my heart
At peace at war
Without you

Look at me, I´m standing here
Beholding the abyss where there´s no distance at all
Somehow I´m at your feet whilst wandering far and wide
As I do, like I did, for so many moons
And soon some more monsoons to come
I´m Yours and mine, the One in duality
Drowning in the flood of this everlasting flow
Bloody tears washing silky thighs clean again
When your rusty lips kissed the pain away
With every heartfelt thrust
-Would you come, again?

We´re still Riding high
Never mind these Whiter shades of pale
Blue bell, blue bell, ring twice and I’ll appear
I’m ever so near
To You

And A day will come

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