He had called upon God, that angel in disguise, he,
a human cloaked in wonder and amazement, his
love for life so great that Grace decided to descend and
softly whispered ´trust and behold, a miracle
will reveal itself´ unto his heart, beating in awe

And lo! Guided he called upon Love, Grace still
filling his every breath and heart beat, remembering
the light he had perceived throughout the past, a piece
of the puzzle so imperfectly perfect it made him cry
and wrung whatever doubt yet remained from his being

For there she was, that devi from his dreams, the wide-eyed
gazelle that gazed right into his soul, piercing any
remnant of fear left to linger in the depths of despair,
sowing stillness in silence, soothing the pain of
a previous separation with her beaming, benign presence

‘Fear not,’ her right hand said, ‘may peace be upon you and
your loved ones in every direction of time,’ blessing him
and future offspring with every tear she’d ever cried
out in the open, her left hand the spring in his step, the fertile
flow of Love’s forgiveness heralding a new era of life, of peace

For she had been riding the beast though answering the All, perceived
the dazzling beauty of the One she had been aware of all her life,
seen him in a vision she treasured within, at the brink of disaster,
when lightning had struck and she had to fight to live or
let go of it all, the netherworld her darker game of shame

But there He was, calling for her, bidding her being closer and closer still,
gathering her unto him ever so gently, respectfully,
that it made her long to kiss the ground he had
thread upon, to wash her face with the dust whirling in
the pace of his footsteps, bringing her home to life itself-

Home to the light of day, the bright, warm sunshine sparkling in
his very eyes, the sweet, loving sound of her name upon his lips,
the joyful prayer in their hearts, healed by heeding the Divine reality,
shielding them from harm, guiding their every step, aligned by Grace,
to a happy fate, in service to all -the blessing of kind.


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